The Role of Smart Asset Management in Construction

Smart Asset Management Software in Construction Amongst all industries, there is a constant desire to move away from manual processes and slowly implement digitizing processes. The Internet of things (IoT) is the interconnecting web of physical objects or things with software, sensors, and other forms of connecting and sharing data

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Fast Forward To 2050: Robots Ruling the Construction Industry?

The Building Blocks of The Community. The construction industry plays a major role in driving economic growth in major developed and developing countries and has a direct impact on world GDP. The construction industry is the foundation of a community. The building blocks of any communities consist of schools, hospitals,

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Engineer working on laptop

Why The Construction Industry Should Embrace Digitisation

In a world where technology is quickly advancing, it is normal to ask how digitisation will impact our jobs. According to Leeds University , there are two possible scenarios. In a utopian world, technology and humans will work side by side, completing the tasks the other cannot achieve. However, the

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Briefing in construction

4 Valuable Briefings In Construction

Briefings are designed to provide quick and effective information setting out the requirements for a specific project. An effective brief should provide instructions on how activities should be performed on-site and give insight into the worksite’s hazards, works and site layout. In the construction industry there are two types of

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