Digital staff briefings and site access control

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Endorsed by Transport for London's compliance and technical departments for the safe restarting of engineering works (August 2020)

How it works

Remote Briefing from Tekmon
Remote Briefing is a secure cloud-based software solution that digitizes the process of briefing delivery and signing in and out of a worksite, improving the briefing quality and eliminating queues and congestion at site access points.
Personalized Briefings
Create any type of briefing with a few clicks using our web platform. Include videos and PDFs in your briefings and mark content as mandatory to ensure your staff properly reviewed it.
Online Questionnaires
Add multiple choice questionnaires in your briefings and define the number of tries a staff member is allowed for a successful completion.
Digitize the work environment
Create staff profiles, worksites, possessions, locations and shifts. For each staff profile you can add additional dynamic information such as the Certification Expiry Date. Assign a briefing to a shift, add staff profiles and schedule the briefing for publication before the start of the shift.
Mobile app
The briefing content and questionnaire are available in a dedicated mobile app for your staff so that they enjoy access to their briefings during their shift hours. The app also ensures contactless sign-in and sign-out at the worksite.
Site access control
Each staff member that has successfully previewed the briefing and completed a questionnaire receives a unique QR code for site access. The QR code is then scanned at site entrance.
Automatic checks for valid certification
Set up and perform automatic checks such as certification validity at site access during the QR scan for each individual.
Real-time dashboards
Monitor for every active staff member who is on site, the time that they signed in, whether they are working past their expected shift end, and more – all through an interactive real time dashboard.
Generate custom reports according to meet your unique reporting requirements.
Mass Notification
Alert staff when something is going wrong on site and change your workforce’s behavior by sending out personalized messages with Tekmon’s powerful mass notification module.

Simplifying worksite safety briefings at London Underground

Also a special thanks to the suppliers Tekmon, who with their passion, determination and adaptability, have made this project a reality. It just goes to show, with the right supplier, one who has an appetite for success and a positive mentality where the customer and their needs come first, absolutely anything is possible.



Ensure a safe restart of engineering works during the COVID19 pandemic.

Construction site inductions are H&S briefings given to staff throughout an engineering project. These briefings keep staff apprised of the safety rules and controls in place, the hazards they might be exposed to, and how to work safely on the site. Most importantly inductions are site specific and constantly change as the engineering project progresses.

Inductions are required by law and the process adheres to strict guidelines. During the COVID19 epidemic engineering works have come to a safety stop in order to protect staff and stakeholders. As a result organizations had to re-evaluate how they carry out engineering works and particular attention were given to the worksite briefings and signing in and out processes where staff mostly congregate.

How can these processes be improved through digitization? Enabling a safe working environment during the pandemic, but at the same time ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks?

Process Before:

  • Paper based briefings and wristbands for site access create congestion at the briefing delivery desk and site entrance.
  • Most worksites require an auditable trail of who has entered and left a worksite, which up to now is kept in excel sheets or paper forms.
  • On-site staff should always have the mandatory valid certification for works.
  • Today this certification is checked manually, creating queues during staff ingress.



No more bottlenecks during shift changeovers

Reduce the risks at one of the engineering works contact points most prone to virus transmission; the sign-in, sign-out point.


Improve the quality and delivery of briefings with personalized content

The time lost by site managers of Willmott Dixon (approx. 3,000 employees) due to duplicate inductions, added up to over £1.2m of unnecessary costs.

Source O’Neile, 2016


Reduce each project’s environmental footprint

Reduce the risks at one of the engineering works contact points most prone to virus transmission; the sign-in, sign-out point.

Source OTM, Tfl magazine

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