Health & Safety Software

Keep your workers safe.

  • Up & running in 24 hours.
  • Digitize your inspections and reduce processing time by 90%.
  • Manage corrective actions.
  • Access ready-made digital forms based on international best practices.

All your processes. Structured. Easy and quick.

Step 1

Complete your audits and inspections, online from anywhere.

  • Non-compliances, near-misses, safety walks and more. Choose the form that best suits your industry from Tekmon’s library or create your own. It only takes a few minutes. No code required. 
  • Assign. Send the form to your colleagues in charge of performing inspections. They can record findings from anywhere using their mobile device, even when offline.

Step 2

Investigate incidents and assign corrective actions.

  • Create approval workflows to investigate non-compliances and safety observations.
  • Assign corrective actions and monitor their progress. 

Step 3

Export reports that automatically generate statistical analyses.

  • Export reports from Tekmon’s platform to Word, PDF or Excel at the touch of a button. Customize your report’s format, give your documents access codes or add your company’s logo.
  • Create custom key performance indicator (KPI) analyses. Recognize hazards and review your practices for a safer work environment.

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Health & Safety Library

Don’t feel like starting from scratch. Tekmon’s platform comes with dozen of ready-made Health & Safety checklists based on best international practices.

  • Non-compliance report
  • Observations form
  • Near-miss form
  • Accident form
  • Safety Walks
  • Visitor form
  • Training form
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) acknowledgement form

And more.

A complete digitized solution for your

Health & Safety department!

PPE Register

Record every emplyoee’s receipt of personal protective equipment.

Training Plan

Document completed training and send automated training reminders.

Certificate Issuances

Create equipment libraries. Attach files. Automatically check and send reminders for certification renewal, warranty expiration and other important dates.

Work Permits Requests

Automate and fully track on-site work requests and approvals (e-PermitToWork) until your workers leave the site.


Tekmon is an award-winning company active in Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Since 2019, Tekmon’s platform has been used by dozens of organizations for their data collection and analysis needs.

“A special thank you goes out to Tekmon, who through their passion, determination and adaptability, made this project a reality. With the right supplier, who has an appetite for success and a positive attitude, who puts the customer and their needs first, absolutely anything is possible.”

Arber Ibrahimi

Senior Delivery Manager @ London Underground