A robust management system for emergency response teams

Tekmon helps emergency response teams to effectively manage emergencies at speed, giving them the time to spend on the activities that matter.

Transform the way emergency response teams react

Respond to emergencies quicker than ever

With pre-defined templates and a real-time dashboard of staff and visitors, send emergency notifications instantly with a two-way response system.

Provide teams with the correct tools and resources

Empower your employees to respond and minimize risk by making forms and supporting material accessible on their mobile devices.

Improve incident management

Respond quickly and thoroughly to prevent similar incidents in the future, through record keeping and information sharing.

A complete end-to-end process of incident management

Powerful Emergency Alerting.

Tekmon enables emergency response teams to reach tens, hundreds or thousands of recipients for emergencies and preventive notifications, with the press of a button.

1 Do It

No IT.

With Tekmon everybody can setup and run processes. Digitize your processes with a few drags, drops and clicks. No need to write a single line of code.

2 Fast Implemntation

Super-fast implementation.

Digitizing your processes is just a few hours away. Tekmon’s cloud-based platform can be setup immediately, with no need of infrastructure.

3 World Class Security

World Class Security.

Located in redundant, top tier, Microsoft Azure’s certified Data Centers, Tekmon’s platform offers high availability, security, scalability and resiliency ensuring 99.95% uptime guarantee.

4 works offline

Works Offline

Designed for he most challenging environments, the mobile app works also offline and syncs data once it gets online again.

Connect easily with the software you already use.

Have you already built databases in other software? Do you have a BI system in place? There is no need to do the same work twice. Tekmon easily integrates with the tools that you already use.