Your operations structured & smarter

Mobile-first digital tools for your frontline deskless teams to boost productivity, maximize cost savings and enforce compliance

You are in control

Digitize the work environment

From physical to digital, create digital twins.

Create your operating procedures

Custom fit on how your teams work today

Go mobile

Monitor your operations on the fly.

Measure & Optimize

Understand performance and improve.

Digitize the work environment

Create digital twins of your physical resources and gain an informed insight on your operations.

Input operating procedures

Use our digital tools to schedule work, assign requests, create checklists and workflows customized to your operations. No IT skills required.

Go Mobile

Specifically designed for challenging environments, our mobile app works offline and your deskless teams know what needs to be done. Always.

Measure & Optimize

Unique insights on how your processes perform, through customized dashboards and interactive reports.

Reasons companies choose Tekmon

No IT skills required

Create your operating procedures with a few drags, drops and clicks. Need help? Chat with us without leaving the app.

Instant onboarding

Invite your team members to download the mobile app. You are up and running.

Mobile - first

Designed specifically with mobility in mind and for users with diverse backgrounds operating in most challenging environments.

Fully customizable

Tailored to your unique processes, our tools are designed to meet even the most complex requirements.

Works Offline

No internet connection? Weak reception? No problem. Our app still works, seamlessly.

Flexible Pricing per User

No upfront fees, no time-fixed contracts, fair progressive pricing per user per month.

What our users are saying


‘Tekmon Daily Operations transformed the way we manage and monitor AB’s 125 000 sq.m of Distribution Centers where over 1000 employees operate 24/7. With Tekmon, the management team is always informed and connected to frontline teams in order to communicate priorities.’

Mike Sotiriou, Warehouse Manager

Help your teams work smarter and execute faster