Health and Safety

What is a Health and Safety Management System?

An organization is liable for guaranteeing the wellbeing, health and safety of all its employees. It is essential that an organization provides a safe and secure workplace, processes and measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing at all times. To strive to improve all health and safety processes/regulations, to prevent the occurrence of work related injuries and incidents. An established management system for an organizations health and safety framework will likewise guarantee that they are meeting all its legal regulations and prerequisites.

A successful wellbeing and security the board framework ought to likewise frame how your association will answer and limit the effect of crisis circumstances, like fires or catastrophic events. The outcome of your wellbeing and security the board framework is subject to the responsibility and interest of all individuals from staff from all levels of your association.

A successful health and safety management system ought to outline how an organization will manage and deal with crisis situations and how they will minimize the impact of emergency situations. 

Below are 7 reasons why a Health and Safety Management System is integral to the success of any organization. 

7 Reasons Why a Health and Safety Management System is Important!

  • Implementing and maintaining a health and safety management system will help amplify employee morale, which in turn amplifies  their productivity. 
  • A health and safety management system will ensure that you are complying with health and safety laws and regulations helping to reduce the potential risk of fines. 
  • A health and safety management system will help prevent injuries and illness within your workplace, due to the implementation of effective preventive and protective measures.
  • Help generate and maintain a strong positive company image for your organization which can encourage new employee, consumer, and investor interest.
  • Your organization will reduce the financial burdens such as costs related to incidents, workplace accidents, employee compensation claims or even the financial burden of hiring temporary staff to fill in for injured employees. 
  • A clear health and safety management system helps improve awareness of legal requirements at all levels of your business ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working to ensure compliance.
  • An established health and safety management system will also give your organization a competitive advantage over others as it will help increase efficiency and reduce costs across the board, and higher overall organizational productivity.

7 reasons why a health and safety system is important infographic
7 Reasons why a Health & Safety Management System is Important Infographic

How Tekmon Software Solution can help streamline processes to improve workplace Health and Safety!

Tekmon helps managers to standardize safety operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and establish a system to identify and eliminate hazardous workplace situations.

  • Improve your workplace’s Health and Safety Adopt a proactive approach: Prevent incidents and injuries before they occur by identifying the root causes that lead to safety risks.
  • Reduce the risk of noncompliance: Empower your employees to recognize, respond to, and minimize risk.
  • Improve incident management: Respond quickly and thoroughly to prevent similar incidents in the future through record keeping and information sharing.

All you need during your ‘business as usual’… organized in one place!

  • Audit & Inspection Management: Track, manage, control and monitor worksite audits and inspections. 
  • Incident Reporting: Report, update and analyze safety incidents that occur on a job or en route to a job site. 
  • Assign Corrective Tasks and Track Execution (CAPA): Investigate root causes or errors in products and processes. 
  • Document Management: Store, organize and circulate EHS related records, policies etc. 
  • Track Certification Expiration Dates: Add certification expiration dates to your assets and get automatically notified before they expire.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Track and analyze environmental, health and safety incidents, performance across your organization and produce reports based on those reports. 

Health & Safety briefings, inductions, and site access management in the digital era.

  • Upload your briefings and inductions content to the platform.
  • Include video instructions, site designs and documents.
  • Create questionnaires to confirm comprehension.
  • Allow staff to view content and respond to the questionnaires from the mobile or the web.
  • Generate unique passcodes per successful briefing to automate Sign-in / Sign-out of sites.
  • Monitor in real-time site attendance.

Powerful Emergency Alerting.

Tekmon enables safety teams to reach tens, hundreds or thousands of recipients for emergencies and preventive notifications with the press of a button.

  • Create ready-to-send notifications and emergency protocols.
  • Add recipient groups and target individuals not devices.
  • Reach everyone with a click of a button via Voice calls, SMS & e-mails.
  • Escalate notifications through multiple channels to ensure speedy delivery & cost savings.
  • Enable 2-way communication and get real-time responses.