ES-KO, with its global headquarters in Monaco, is an internationally recognized integrated Logistical Support group that offers rapid, realistic and effective solutions to clients in difficult circumstances rising in extreme geographical locations, unstable political situations and places lacking adequate infrastructures worldwide.

The Need



“Tekmon allows us to get rid of unwanted tasks, to have more time to focus on critical aspects of improvement.

NOT to be afraid the shift, from the old system to the new one, it was very easy for us to digitise, and it was a great asset for us.

Whatever the limitation, Tekmon are adoptable. You won’t be alone, there will be a specialist there to help you throughout! It has been very nice to have training sessions at all stages if ever needed, some is always available and present to give a helping hand.

Not only are the individuals at Tekmon very trustworthy, the software solutions has added great value to our operations processes!”

Sara Ferreira Ribeiro

Quality System Officer @ ES-KO, Monaco

Challenges Before
Daily Operations:

  • The trigger for ES-KO that got them in digitisation was the possibility to generate forms, tasks and diversions automatically. Eliminating repetitive form filling into excel files for monitoring, this was all time consuming and tedious work.
  • Heavy reliance on paper forms, this needed to be eliminated.
  • Connection between assets and locations as there are 5 operations world-wide, it was difficult to gather all the information to once central access point.
  • As company they were sharing a lot of important information via emails which risks the loss of data.

After Implementation of
Daily Operations:

  • All repetitive tasks and tedious paper forms work load had been digitised to digital forms, saving time and effort for more meaningful tasks.
  • The diversion of documents has become a centralised easily access point for all documents and vital information for all employees.
  • Access to the most relevant information. No need to be unsure if everyone worldwide is using the same vital forms, documents.

The solution: Tekmon’s Daily Operations

Mobile-first digital tools for your frontline deskless teams to boost productivity, maximize cost savings and enforce compliance

Digitize the work environment

From physical to digital, create digital twins for you locations, assets, parts & inventory, products, customers, vendors & partners.

Create your operating procedures

Custom fit on how your teams work today using our digital tools to schedule work, assign requests, create checklists and workflows. No IT skills required

Go mobile

Monitor your operations on the fly with our specifically designed for challenging environments mobile app, which works offline. Your deskless teams know what needs to be done. Always.

Measure & Optimize

Unique insights on how your processes perform, through customized dashboards and interactive reports.

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