Deskless frontline teams can work smarter, together.

Tekmon boosts frontline teams’ productivity, through the rapid, no-code digitization of processes.

How we help.

18.4 months is the average implementation time of an ERP system. Deploying a new process within an existing ERP can take well over 2 months.

We have designed the easiest and faster software solution on the market to help you automate your frontline processes, starting day one!

No Code, No IT

Digitize your processes with a few drags, drops and clicks. No need to write a single line of code.

Field managers take control

With Tekmon everybody can setup and run processes. Give control to those who know how your business works.

Rapid implementation

Eliminate communication bottlenecks. Deploy processes in minutes and adapt to business changes effortlessly.

Tekmon was specifically designed to automate deskless processes.

Daily Operations

Μobile-first digital tools for your frontline deskless teams to boost productivity, maximize cost savings and enforce compliance.

Mass Notification

Cloud-based operational alerting & emergency notification software to help businesses reach employees instantly with updates or critical information.

Remote Trainings

Staff trainings, briefings, inductions and instructions in the digital era. Mobile, simplified, on-demand.

You are in a good company

Streamlining business processes in Manufacturing, Logistics Transportation, Commercial Real Estate & Retail.


The warehousing management team is responsible for the daily operations of Distribution Centers with over 1000 employees across 125000 sq.m. Since introducing Tekmon Daily Operations the team has recorded between 85% in productivity gains thanks to the process digitization of over 80 logistics operations.

The Airport Service Operations Center is responsible for communicating awareness information of incidents to hundreds of Airport community stakeholders. Since introducing Tekmon Mass Notification over 350 notifications have reached 15000 recipients effortlessly.
Commercial Real Estate
The management team of three modern shopping malls that host over 600 commercial tenants needs to ensure smooth facility operations and tenant satisfaction. Since introducing both Tekmon Daily Operations & Mass Notification, manual procedures were made digital, such as renovation permit approvals, facility maintenance and tenant acknowledgment of unplanned events, saving over hundreds of man-hours per month.
Industrial Services

The technical team is responsible for the inspection of over 30 000 assets for 20 industrial clients with total revenues of € 11billion. Since introducing Tekmon Daily Operations the technical team has achieved a 50% reduction in time needed to deliver asset safety compliance report to its clients.

Cement Manufacturing

The health and safety engineers are responsible for the preventive maintenance of mechanical & electrical equipment of a cement plant with a production of 2.60 million tons per year. Since introducing Tekmon Daily Operations the team has digitized inspection plans of over 600 equipment safety controls & indicators

Food Manufacturing

The quality Control (QC) team is responsible for the implementation of ISO22000, IFS & BRC certifications. Since introducing Tekmon Daily Operations the team has digitized the QC processes of the 6-stage food production process resulting in real time visibility across the production lines and reducing defects by 24%.

Getting started with process digitization for your deskless teams has never been easier