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Why is Communication So Important? 

Effective communication is how employees and management interact among each other to reach company goals and be more aligned with the core company values. Its main purpose is to improve overall employee satisfaction, to keep employees informed by eliminating potential language barriers, ensure employees well-being and to reduce errors/time wasted.

This article gives an insight on 3 key reasons why a communication software is essential for engaging employees and keeping everyone focused on what matters to add value. 


The 3 Key Reasons

#1 Employee Wellbeing

The wellbeing of employees should be at the forefront of all business decisions. The productivity and engagement of employees plays a key role in determining the success of any company. This can only be achieved if there is a clear communication method with management and employees. 

A difficulty that a food distribution company experienced in regards to lack of communication with employees,  was the severe weather conditions in America. Under these circumstances, it would not be in the best interest of the company to not keep employees working, for health and safety reasons alongside the employee’s wellbeing. This results in less production day, less work being conducted. 

Ultimately, communication in these circumstances has proven to be difficult as these weather conditions tend to be unpredictable, and due to dealing with a variety of food that need to be stored in different temperatures etc. There are several areas of large work spaces, making it difficult to communicate with all employees efficiently and effectively.  In order to ensure employees wellbeing an upgrade to the form of communication and implementing a communications software is most definitely needed. 

#2 Productivity 

In order to add to a company’s value and profits, there needs to be consistent productivity. Highly productive employees are in the know of all updates and are able to allocate time and resources to where it matters most. Instead of wasting time on unnecessarily chasing of staff members to promote this productivity. 

For example, using the company in America, where they experience unpredictable extreme weather conditions which means less production/work days. Communicating this to each and every employees is time consuming and difficult. This is because the traditional way of communication, which is the speaker phone, is outdated and difficult to use for the amount of people that need to be notified within a short time frame. 

This results in management having to travel from one area of work to another just to double check that other employees have been notified of current announcements, this is evidently time consuming and a key example of employees allocating time to do these acts that waste time and resources, resulting in a less productive and effective management team. However, with the implementation of a communication software, the allocation of time and resources will be spent on issues that are more pressing.

#3 Language Barrier 

Another key reason companies should invest in a communications software, that isn’t talked about enough is to overcome the language barrier that some organizations experience. Language barriers make it difficult to communicate effectively, also makes communication lengthier due to lack of understanding. 

Even then, who can be 100% sure that employees have completely understood the importance of announcements. With a communication software, all announcements can be sent via sms/email in the recipient’s preferred language. This ensures that they have completely understood the message and can act accordingly much quicker than if another member of staff has to take up time explaining in more detail in order for recipient to understand.

How Tekmon’s Communications Software Can Help: 

Tekmon’s Mass Notification Communication Software provides the tools to reach tens, hundreds or thousands of recipients for business updates or emergencies with the press of a button. With Tekmon’s powerful operational and emergency alerting solution communication is simplified. Making communicating with all employees much easier and more efficient.

  • Individuals can create ready to send notifications, add recipient groups and target individuals not devices.
  • Reaching all employees with a click of a button via Voice Calls, SMS & e-mails, in various languages to overcome language barriers.
  • Escalate notifications through multiple channels to ensure speedy delivery & cost savings. 
  • The tools to enable 2-way communication and get real-time responses to guarantee that all recipients have been alerted.
  • A live dashboard helps to monitor notifications in real time, making sure that  all recipients have been sent a message, received it, and read it.
  • It flags as an issue when someone has not seen the message, this communications software overall helps with time and resources being used on pressing issues that matter, to ensure the wellbeing of each and every individual in an organization.