Your operations structured & smarter

Mobile-first digital tools for your frontline deskless teams to boost productivity, maximize cost savings and enforce compliance.

 Digitize any form with a few clicks
 Manage assets, inventory & costs
 Assign work and receive work reports
 Schedule maintenance, monitor repairs & downtime
 Control your team's operations remotely

You are in control


Digitize the work environment

From physical to digital, create digital twins.


Create your operating procedures

Custom fit on how your teams work today.


Go mobile

Monitor your operations on the fly.


Measure & Optimize

Understand performance and improve.

Digitize the work environment

Create digital twins of your physical resources and gain an informed insight on your operations.

With Tekmon you can take control of multiple locations. Operational data flows seamlessly into a single database, and just in seconds, users can query and receive the data they need such as installed assets, inventory levels, work orders and more.

Input operating procedures

Use our digital tools to schedule work, assign requests, create checklists and workflows customized to your operations. No IT skills required.

Tekmon helps you schedule recurring preventive maintenance actions. Use the maintenance planning calendar to schedule work orders and assign them to team members. Create unscheduled emergency repairs from the mobile app and monitor their progress. Use inspection checklists to make sure that work orders or repairs are completed appropriately. Search inspection history to identify trends and customize alerts for specific actions.

Go Mobile

Specifically designed for challenging environments, our mobile app works offline and your deskless teams know what needs to be done. Always.

Especially designed for challenging environments, Tekmon’s mobile & tablet application enables data entry while on the go. Log preventive maintenance tasks using your built-in checklists and report events and incidents in your digital forms. Enter your findings from audit visits, quality control checks or routine health & safety inspections. Add images to your findings using the device’s camera.

Measure & Optimize

Unique insights on how your processes perform, through customized dashboards and interactive reports.

Tekmon provides a holistic data management solution for your daily operations. Recorded data is stored securely and access to the database is controlled with enterprise level permission. Authorized users can retrieve information from data records with a few clicks and review historical data on previous work or product orders, forms, assets, locations, customers etc.

Reasons companies choose Tekmon

No IT skills required

Create your operating procedures with a few drags, drops and clicks. Need help? Chat with us without leaving the app.

Instant onboarding

Invite your team members to download the mobile app. You are up and running.

Mobile - first

Designed specifically with mobility in mind and for users with diverse backgrounds operating in most challenging environments.

Fully customizable

Tailored to your unique processes, our tools are designed to meet even the most complex requirements.

Works Offline

No internet connection? Weak reception? No problem. Our app still works, seamlessly.

Flexible Pricing per User

No upfront fees, no time-fixed contracts, fair progressive pricing per user per month.

What our users are saying


Fair progressive pricing per user per month.

Key Features

Tekmon applies progressive pricing: The more your company uses Tekmon Daily Operations, the less you pay per user. Pricing for the first 10 users starts at €29 per user per month for the full set of features.

Unlimited Locations with dynamic properties
Unlimited Companies with dynamic properties
Unlimited Products with dynamic properties
Unlimited Assets with dynamic properties
Unlimited Parts with dynamic properties
Inventory Management
Barcode, QR & RFID scanner
Asset service management
Unlimited work orders
Work order scheduler & calendar view
Preventive maintenance planning
Unlimited product orders
Production planning calendar
User profiles with dynamic properties
Unlimited teams
Unlimited form & checklist templates
Advanced DIY form builder
Photo & signature capture
Unlimited form approvals workflows
Unlimited reports (pdf & csv exporting)
Analytics with custom dashboards
Email & push notifications
Chat & phone support


Choose how many people will be using Tekmon's software to see how it affects pricing.

Monthly Cost

Help your teams work smarter and execute faster