Spanelas, since its foundation in 1979 has been consistently operating in the field of industrial equipment and lifting systems. The main purpose of the company is the supply of high quality and technologically advanced products and solutions that offer maximum security when lifting, lashing and handling every cargo type.

The Need


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“I would like to express and thank Tekmon for their support, from the beginning of our collaboration til present, we have a very good relationship with the IT department and customer support and people at Tekmon.

It is very easy to ask for help or ask a question and they are very fast to give me the answer, so I became very familiar with the system very quickly!

Using Tekmon’s solution has made it very easy to find the finer details of tasks / projects etc whenever I want, also made it more efficient to gather important reports for clients/customers.

Lastly, as a manager, it has helped me stay organized in managing tasks and schedule tasks for all my team member/ company employees.”

John Dimitropoulos

Technical Department Manager @ Spanelas, Greece

Challenges Before
Daily Operations:

  • Challenging to maintain a large number of individuals in a team, to do 100 different things!
  • Hard to keep track of the asset maintenance etc during the year, all documentation, deadlines, important person’s info/signatures etc 
  • More workload in order to organize all this information and documentation on a day to day.
  • Being able to retrieve specific past and present sufficient reports of assets for customers/clients. 
  • No centralized access point for all documentation and information to be easily accessible.

After Implementation of
Daily Operations:

  • All repetitive tasks and tedious paper forms work load have been digitised to digital forms, saving time and effort for more meaningful tasks.
  • Easily accessible information for all employees from a centralized access point whenever necessary.
  • Task and form builder for easy use and sharing to all employees daily tasks, ensuring organization and productivity.
  • Easy forming, search and accessible reports for specific assets from any date, within minutes to share with team members and clients. These reports also help with internal audits, easy to find and solve issues to improve service and facilities.

The solution: Tekmon’s Daily Operations

Mobile-first digital tools for your frontline deskless teams to boost productivity, maximize cost savings and enforce compliance

Digitize the work environment

From physical to digital, create digital twins for you locations, assets, parts & inventory, products, customers, vendors & partners.

Create your operating procedures

Custom fit on how your teams work today using our digital tools to schedule work, assign requests, create checklists and workflows. No IT skills required.

Go mobile

Monitor your operations on the fly with our specifically designed for challenging environments mobile app, which works offline. Your deskless teams know what needs to be done. Always.

Measure & Optimize

Unique insights on how your processes perform, through customized dashboards and interactive reports.

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