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Sclavos Case Study

Sclavos Case Study

SCLAVOS is the only Fabric Dyeing Machines manufacturer, being 100% dedicated in developing and manufacturing only Soft Flow Fabric Dyeing Machines.

The Need


Founded in 1948
Over 300 machines across the country
70+ years of experience
130 employees

“One strong feature of Daily Operations: Technical Maintenance Software that has really contributed to the value of the company, is the statistical analysis tool.

This feature helps to compare equipment, so that we know the each capital equipment and the cost of all maintenance.

We use this information and compare it with the depreciation period of the capital equipment, in order to establish the value of the equipment for the company.”

Evangelos Georgantas

Maintenance Manager @ Sclavos, Greece

Challenges Before
Daily Operations:

  • More than 200 machines that contribute to the production of machinery.
  • Sclavos has crucial machinery that needs to be checked on a daily basis, if not maintained this can cause significant delays in production times.
  • Sclavos lacked an organization tool, an access point to all vital maintenance information / data etc.
  • The time consuming task is the organizing of the maintenance of the machine, not the repair.

After Implementation of
Daily Operations:

  • Substantially decreased the workload of the preventive maintenance for employees. 
  • Better organizaton of the monitoring and scheduling of all preventive maintenance for each machine e.g. machines running at a healthy optimum
  • The programming is efficient, the process of downtime due to repairs (when, what time and how long for) is communicated better to production management, this process is better organized and efficient.
  • Considerable amount of time saved from programming, scheduling for a greater time period, e.g. a better time plan in terms of scheduling maintenance works, an organized schedule from daily, monthly etc all in one place and easily accessible. This tool helps with consistency and productivity.

The solution: Tekmon’s Daily Operations

Mobile-first digital tools for your frontline deskless teams to boost productivity, maximize cost savings and enforce compliance

Digitize the work environment

From physical to digital, create digital twins for you locations, assets, parts & inventory, products, customers, vendors & partners.

Create your operating procedures

Custom fit on how your teams work today using our digital tools to schedule work, assign requests, create checklists and workflows. No IT skills required

Go mobile

Monitor your operations on the fly with our specifically designed for challenging environments mobile app, which works offline. Your deskless teams know what needs to be done. Always.

Measure & Optimize

Unique insights on how your processes perform, through customized dashboards and interactive reports.

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