Fraport Greece was created in 2015 and is responsible for maintaining, operating, managing, upgrading and developing 14 regional airports in Greece over a period of 40 years. Fraport Greece employs approx. 620 employees both at Athens based HQ and the 14 airports.

Before Tekmon


Managing 14 Airports in Greece
620 Employees
Over 17 million Passengers per Year
Founded 2015
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“The strongest feature for us is the voice feature, whereby the messages can be read out in different languages, we use Greek and English. This feature has been very helpful and the strongest of the product which we have heavily utilised.”

Aikaterini – Maria Vagena

Crisis Planning Coordinator @ Fraport Greece

Challenges Before
Tekmon Mass Notification

Fraport’s pain points before Tekmon were that the emergency process was all via paper forms, therefore in order to alert people about emergencies etc it would have to be a phone call to each individual and to be ticked off a checklist one by one. This is extremely time consuming and not cost effective.

The  challenges with Fraport, is that there are 14 airports and there are a lot of people to contact in case of an emergency, especially as each airport has their own management and team separate from each other. Therefore communicating with all 14 airports was a challenge as well as time consuming before implementing Tekmon’s Mass Notification.

After Implementation of
Mass Notification

Tekmon’s solution has simplified Fraport’s processes, paid attention to all requests and queries and remained dedicated to finding the best solution that fits their processes and organization best.

Now with Tekmon Mass Notification Software, they can reach tens, hundreds or thousands of recipients for business updates or emergencies with the press of a button.



  • Create ready-to-send notifications
  • Add recipient groups and target individuals not devices
  • Reach everyone with a click of a button via Voice Calls, SMS & e-mails
  • Escalate notifications through multiple channels to ensure speedy delivery & cost savings
  • Enable 2-way communication and get real-time responses

The solution: Tekmon’s Mass Notification

TEKMON’s Mass Notification software system is an automated and unified solution to alert the right teams at the right time with clarity and reliability.

Mass Notifications

Multiple communication channels allow the sender to forward hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous phone calls, SMS, e-mails and FAXs with the touch of a button.

Custom Escalation Policy

Ensures that a notification reaches the recipient in the shortest possible time using the most efficient communication channel.

Two-way Communications

When a notification is sent, the recipient acknowledges receipt, and is able to respond. All responses are recorded in real time in the system.

Contact Management

Authorized users can easily manage and keep up-do-date the recipients’ contact information. Create groups according to the organizational structure of the company.


Notification templates in multiple languages can be created, and when required, promptly activate by authorized users.

Reporting & Auditing

A history archive of past notifications together with metadata can be retrieved at any time for further evaluation and auditing.

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