Emergency communications simplified

Large organizations choose Tekmon to reliably and timely communicate with tens, hundreds or even thousands of people for their business updates and emergencies.


 Communicate last-minute operational changes instantly to specific groups, or the entire organization.
 Send emergency responses according to company protocol, as and when incidents occur.


 Up to 95% reduction in the time required to update several tens to thousands of people.
 Rapid two-way communication keeping costs to a minimum.
 Immediate mobilization of emergency response teams.
 Increase credibility with timely alerting.
99.95% UPTIME GUARANTEE ISO 27001 & ΙSO 27018
“Tekmon Mass Notification software has significantly contributed to mitigating and managing incidents by effectively informing all stakeholders (internal departments, airlines, ground handling agencies, government agencies and external agencies).”
Alexandros Ziomas

Challenge: Establish a reliable and direct communication channel with a large number of recipients

Critical incidents unfortunately do happen: business incidents, extreme weather, IT systems malfunction and technical problems, strikes, emergency medical events, to name a few.

These incidents can impact the reputation of an organization, disrupt the supply chain and halt operational performance.

How can your organization ensure that the right notification reaches the right recipients in the shortest time possible?

Before: Inefficient communication methods

Most companies today communicate business updates and emergencies to their employees in one of the following ways:

  • Email: The average time it takes people to open an email upon receipt is 4 hours.

  • Bulk SMS services: Research suggests that SMS instills lower sense of urgency to recipients compared to other channels such as voice calls or designing a strategic emergency communication campaign using multiple channels. Moreover, two-way SMS communication is not available by most online bulk SMS providers.

  • Telephone calls: Successive communication with a large number of people is time consuming due to finite number of telephone lines and laborious.

  • Instant messaging platforms: Contact management can become cumbersome for large number of recipients, responses are unstructured and reporting (who read the message and when) is not easily accessible.

The solution: Tekmon’s Mass Notification

TEKMON’s Mass Notification software system is an automated and unified solution to alert the right teams at the right time with clarity and reliability.


Mass Notifications

Multiple communication channels allow the sender to forward hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous phone calls, SMS, e-mails and FAXs with the touch of a button.


Custom Escalation Policy

Ensures that a notification reaches the recipient in the shortest possible time using the most efficient communication channel.


Two-way Communications

When a notification is sent, the recipient acknowledges receipt, and is able to respond. All responses are recorded in real time in the system.


Contact Management

Authorized users can easily manage and keep up-do-date the recipients' contact information. Create groups according to the organizational structure of the company.



Notification templates in multiple languages can be created, and when required, promptly activate by authorized users.


Reporting & Auditing

A history archive of past notifications together with metadata can be retrieved at any time for further evaluation and auditing.

Athens International Airport Logo and Fraport Logo


Athens International Airport and Fraport Greece airport operator are trusting Tekmon’s Mass Notification system to communicate with hundreds of aviation stakeholders regarding incidents and safety updates. The system provides the flexibility to send and manage multiple & parallel alerts to different groups as operational updates or incidents surface.

Lamda Development Logo


Lamda Development manages 3 shopping malls (The Mall Athens, Golden Hall, Mediterranean Cosmos) with approximately 250 retail establishments each. Tekmon’s Mass Notification simplifies the day-to-day operational communications and emergency alerts.

Anatolia College Logo


The American College of Thessaloniki must inform its community (parents, students, teachers) of issues likely to emerge, such as shift changes, closures due to adverse weather conditions, school event updates etc. Thanks to the flexibility and reliability of Tekmon’s Mass Notification system, all stakeholders are always on the same page.

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