Powerful Operational & Emergency Alerting

Businesses trust Tekmon Mass Notification to reach tens, hundreds or thousands of recipients for business updates or emergencies with the press of a button.

 Create ready-to-send notifications
 Add recipient groups and target individuals not devices
 Reach everyone with a click of a button via Voice Calls, SMS & e-mails
 Escalate notifications through multiple channels to ensure speedy delivery & cost savings
 Enable 2-way communication and get real-time responses

How It Works

Add Recipients

Add the contact details of recipients you want to be able to reach immediately. Multiple channels such as mobile and land line numbers, e-mails, SMS, WhatsApp, even fax are supported. For each recipient, define their preferred sequence of communication channels and select their preferred contact language. The system allows the mass import of contacts.

Industry-focused solutions

A single platform to reach any number of recipients instantly over any device.

Retail icon


Keeping your staff continuously informed on operational changes across multiple store locations is a challenge. Make sure instructions are followed consistently across your store network.

Education icon


Communicate instantly important information to students, parents, teachers, staff and visitors (e.g. unexpected interruptions, emergency situations)

Commercial icon

Commercial Real Estate

Improve responsiveness. Streamline communications with your tenants in case of threats and disruptions such as power outages.

Hospitality icon


Rapidly launch critical messages to staff to ensure business continuity or a discreet message to your visitors regarding any unexpected events in your facility.

Shipping icon


Streamline communications among employees, travelers and stakeholders. Respond to incidents timely and protect your property at all times.

Aviation icon


Digitize standard operating procedures and emergency plans. Disseminate mission-critical information to hundreds or thousands of stakeholders instantly.

Hospital icon

Healthcare & Hospitals

Deliver quality care while protecting patients, staff and IT systems. Respond to critical events by coordinating communication across multiple stakeholders.

Energy icon

Energy & Utilities

Protect employees, production facilities and communities. Meet regulatory requirements by keeping all stakeholders timely informed with critical communication capability.

Government icon


Reliably coordinate responders and reach citizens for critical incidents such as adverse weather phenomena or routine events such as road closures.

What our users are saying

Reasons companies choose Tekmon

Ease of Use

Simple, Clean, Intuitive, Reliable. A user-friendly interface provides quick access to common features and commands. The different tools and options are well-organized and easy to locate. Minimal training is required.

World class security

Located in redundant, top tier, ISO 27001 & ΙSO 27018 certified Data Centers in Western Europe, Tekmon’s Mass Notification platform offers high availability, security, scalability and resiliency ensuring 99.95% uptime guarantee.


Tekmon Mass Notification integrates with the tools and solutions you already use. Single Sign On is supported and AD or LDAP integration keeps contact details up to date and SCADA integration enables notifications to be triggered automatically.

Features that make a difference

Icon showing a person

Text Variables

Dynamic notification templates include text variables that allow the user to add flexible content. Four text variable types are supported: text, multiple choice, time/date and glossary/acronym.

Icon showing a network

Multiple channels

Deliver notifications to recipients via multiple communication channels, such as Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, email and Fax, at once. The solution then tracks message delivery.

Icon showing a bell

Notification Launch

The sender can launch notifications via the web platform or the mobile app, by SMS, or via integrations with third party systems.

Icon showing international communication

Multilingual support

The system supports multiple languages and recipients can choose their preferred language to receive notifications.

Icon showing circular arrows

2-way communication

Custom option for two-way communication is available. Press a key to respond to a voice message. Send an SMS or tap an embedded link to respond to an SMS. Click an embedded link to respond to an email message.

Icon showing steps

Advanced escalation logic

Notification dissemination continues to alternative devices until the contact acknowledges receipt or notifications escalate to ensure that the next person in line is notified if the first person doesn’t respond.

Icon showing text to voice conversion

Text to voice technology

For voice communications the system automatically converts the text into speech in multiple languages.

Icon showing a person and a key

Real time Monitoring

A central dashboard provides a real time overview of the notification progress and status (e.g., delivered, busy line, mobile phone switched off, hang-up etc.).

Icon showing a page with text


The history of each sent notification is stored in the system’s database and is available to view at any time.

Product Pricing

Key Features

Tekmon Mass notification is offered as a fully-managed Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription. No installation of software or hardware required. Pricing is determined based on the maximum number of recipients that need to be notified. Contact us for a quote.

Unlimited Notification templates
Unlimited Notification groups
Flexible text-variable feature for predefined templates
Flexible contact management
Unlimited contacts stored in the database
Up to 30 devices per recipient
Unlimited recipient groups
Multiple communication channels
Mobile & landline voice channel
SMS channel
Email channel
Fax channel
WhatsAPP channel
Dedicated landline number
Dedicated alphanumeric ID or mobile number for SMS
Multilingual support
Text-to-speech technology in multiple languages
Advanced device & person escalation logic
Broadcast & Call-Out delivery methods
2-way communication
Launch a notification via SMS
Real time notification progress dashboard
Message delivery and response status tracking
Unlimited Audit Report
Integrations with third party systems
Online system documentation

Flexible and unified communications for reasons that matter.